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I Help You Break Free From Survival Mode To Graceful Living

And EMBODY YOUR TRUE Authentic Self that you were meant to be!

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Do you often find yourself struggling with emotional issues that cause anxiety, depression, and other feelings of distress caused by past trauma?

Do you experience blockages that hinder your creativity, success, or even financial abundance?

Do you feel stuck in life, not knowing your true potential, unable to make progress towards your goals and dreams?

Do you also feel alone and misunderstood after the painful trauma of pregnancy loss or infertility, consumed consistently by anger, shame, guilt, and a growing uncertainty?

Get Ready for a Deep and Heart-Centered Transformation!

Welcome to OverSoul Vibration™ where we believe in the power of transformation and inner healing. Our greatest desire is to help you break free from old patterns and cycles, so you can tap into your own Source of Power within and live a more abundant life.

What is OverSoul Vibration™?

OverSoul Vibration™ serves as a sacred space that contains the high energetic essence and healing frequencies of the OverSoul.


The OverSoul is the highest level of one's soul, existing at the highest dimensional plane, serving as a universal mind and unifying principle present in all living things.

At OverSoul Vibration™ we believe that by connecting with this powerful source within us, we can tap into our true potential and access a state of balance, harmony, and enlightenment.

And by healing from the past or this present life, and by releasing all that no longer serves you, whether they are invalidating thoughts or limiting beliefs...

    You'll be able to shed the weight that has been holding you down and lift yourself up towards a happier, more fulfilling life. You can then feel liberation in the present and free yourself up to live your best life imaginable.

    When we work together, you will discover...

  • Parts of you that you had shut down and parts of you that had been holding you down

  • The unconscious programming and false convictions that had taken control over your life

  • Your OWN inner power to release, heal, and transmute those unwanted beliefs and programming

  • That despite your trauma and loss, you have always been complete & loved (you simply lost your way)

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  • Increase your understanding of yourself and where you are today, and explore the energy of specific situations in a deeper level to gain insight into why certain events occur in your life. 


  • Gain clarity on karmic relationships, emotional patterns, and chronic pains and conditions, and learn to find forgiveness, healing, and also reclaim lost soul fragments from past lives. 


  • Uncover past life traumas, emotional patterns, and blockages that can be healed in this lifetime, and be finally open up to the abundance of love, joy, peace, and material and financial success, that is always available to everyone. 


  • Experience deep healing that resonates at the core of your being. Discover the power of healing that reaches the essence of who you are, helping you unlock your true potential and live a harmonious life.


  • Connect with spiritual guides, teachers, and your Higher Self to bring you clarity and healing; and gain clarity on goals, purpose, and life choices that will bring you spiritual growth and success.


  • Reconnect with the soul of your unborn children. Understand the spiritual meaning of your unique circumstances of birth loss and regain your peace. Discover that the true essence of your soul is Love!


  • Create meaningful relationships with those around you and nurture them with kindness and empathy, and learn how to have more compassion for all beings, for we are all connected in the circle of life. 


  • You want to heal your womb through reconnecting with your body and listening to its needs by consciously working through these emotions and releasing them, to not only improving your own well-being but also breaking generational and ancestral patterns of pain and suffering

Quantum Hypnosis

Intuitive approach to connecting with your Subconscious Mind

Womb Healing

Heal your ancestral and generational lineages and release the trauma stored in the womb and your energetic centers


We love what we do & who we do it for


A safe space where we can fully express our radiant soul

Our Offers 

Inside OverSoul Vibration™ are high vibrational frequencies helping your Soul shift to the beautiful frequencies of healing, love, abundance, peace, and more. Below are the healing services we offer:

    OverSoul Vibration, Discovery Call

    30-Minute Complimentary Call

    Our call together is more than just a consultation; it's the beginning of a journey to see if we can truly walk together towards your spiritual and personal growth. We'll discuss everything from seeking a deeper understanding of yourself, healing from past wounds, to connecting more deeply with the world around you. It's about finding out if our approach resonates with your unique path. It's an honest conversation about where you are and where you'd like to be.

    Quantum Healing Hypnosis (3-4 Hours via Zoom)

    This is a two-session online Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your past experiences by exploring and resolving past traumas (from past lives or present life) where you can break free from patterns that keep you feeling stuck or drained, paving the way to embrace your True Authentic Self fully. Recognize the significance of shedding limiting thoughts and emotions to step into a new chapter of your life with clarity, purpose, and confidence. Say goodbye to old cycles and welcome a new chapter of fulfillment. It's time to own your power and start your journey to healing and happiness now! 


    womb healing

    Womb Healing (4 Session)

    Many women on the path to becoming exceptional leaders and change-makers often go through a profound awakening linked to their womb at some point in their journey. This awakening, whether sparked by a health challenge, a difficult experience like assault, or the emotional aftermath of an abortion or miscarriage, serves as a powerful catalyst for transformation and empowerment. These tough situations set off a process of inner change, helping individuals evolve into stronger, more empowered versions of themselves. Through the practice of womb healing, people confront and let go of past traumas stored within their womb. By unraveling deep-seated beliefs, working through lasting emotions, and ultimately healing these memories, they pave the way to instill new empowering beliefs in their subconscious mind. This healing journey and personal development process empower women to acknowledge their past struggles, tap into their inner strength, and embrace their true leadership potential.

    4 Session $333 each 

    Metatron Cube Merkaba

    Soul Healing Shift™ 6-Week Program

    If you could turn your life around and start from a clean slate, are you ready to embrace a life of purpose full of meaning?

    Our Soul Healing Shift program, can do exactly that: It is designed to transform your life at its core.

    Focused on six pivotal areas—(1) relationships, (2) career and finance, (3) health and fitness, (4) personal growth, (5)  family, and (6) spirituality—this program is a gateway to profound understanding and healing. From uncovering and healing past traumas to connecting with your spiritual essence and forging deeper, more meaningful relationships, this breakthrough experience promises not just insights but real, tangible shifts towards abundance, peace, and fulfillment.

    In this 6-week program, you'll learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, release negative emotions and traumas, and discover your true potential on your own. Through interactive exercises and personalized coaching sessions, you'll gain the tools and mindset needed to create lasting positive changes in all areas of your life. Whether you're seeking to heal, grow, or connect on a deeper level, Soul Healing Shift program is your step toward a life lived in harmony and grace with your truest self.

    Are you ready to break free from past struggles and embrace a life of purpose, joy, and success? Get ready to transform into the best version of yourself and live a life full of abundance and purpose. Don't wait any longer - apply today and begin your journey towards total transformation!


    Cycle of Life Womben Women

    Spirit Baby Connection 9-week Healing Program

    This healing program is tailored for bereaved mothers, offering guided support for those who have faced pregnancy loss or miscarriage who are looking for reconnection with their unborn baby and closure about their circumstance. This program focuses on healing pregnancy loss trauma and deepening connecting with their unborn baby, providing them a nurturing space for emotional and spiritual growth. Join us to rediscover inner strength, find solace, and create a renewed sense of peace and love. 


    Cycle of Life Womben Wisdom

    Graceful Living Coaching 12-week Program

    Graceful Living Coaching offers a transformative 12-week program designed to support women in breaking free from survival mode to embrace graceful living. This empowering journey helps women discover a life of purpose and meaning after experiencing tragic loss of womanhood. Through personalized coaching, guidance, and support, participants are encouraged to navigate their grief and feelings of betrayal and hurt, rekindle their inner strength, and cultivate a sense of empowerment to step into a new chapter of their lives with grace and resilience. This program focuses on healing from within and the spiritual connection with self, and is aimed to help women navigate through their loss, find closure, and rediscover their nurturing essence, fostering a sense of empowerment and renewal.


Healing traumas and discovering purpose

"I had an absolutely beautiful experience with Daisy. She made me feel safe and comfortable from the start. The session was beyond my expectations. I was able to heal deep seeded traumas, abuse and so much more. I learned my souls gifts and purpose also. I loved the energy used and the healing is incredible. Daisy is very professional at all times and so compassionate. I'd highly recommend her services!"

Cheryl R

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    I'm Ready For Healing & Transformation

    I want to expand my awareness so that I can create a life that that will allow me to live a life full of joy, purpose, and creativity, that reflects the highest version of myself!