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Preparation Guide

72 Hours Before

All required forms must be filled in and signed before our scheduled session. Please check your email for these forms and add a calendar reminder to complete them. It's also important to note that an incomplete form may delay our session and could potentially result in having to reschedule. We want to provide you with the best possible experience, so please take the time to thoroughly fill out each form before our session.

24 Hours Before

Have a great night sleep and a good rest the night prior. If this is impossible, do your best to focus on your breath, and simply allow the body to settle, without forcing it. If this persists, it's a good topic for discussion on the day of the session.

If your session is later in the day due to your local time zone, do your best to stay in your calm. See everything for what it is and simply acknowledge the of said emotions or opinions about anything.

On The Day Of

1. No caffeine, drugs or alcohol. (Note: Always follow your doctor's prescribed instructions and nutritional guidelines.)

2. To ensure a clear connection, it is recommended to position your computer or laptop in close proximity to your internet router whenever possible. This will help optimize the quality of our connection.

3. To ensure a successful session, it is crucial to have a headset with an attached microphone positioned in front of your mouth. This enables your facilitator to hear everything you say, even when you whisper. (Please note that the session cannot proceed without this essential equipment.)

4. Ensure you have a secure environment for the session, free from any potential interruptions. If there are other family members present in the house, kindly communicate to them the importance of not disturbing you during this time.

5. During the session, it is advisable to place any cats, dogs, or other pets in a separate room. They tend to enjoy these sessions and may approach you, playfully interact by pulling your arms, shaking you, or even sitting on top of you!

6. Please note that hypnotherapy is distinct from anesthesia. Throughout the session, you will remain conscious of your surroundings while lying on the bed. There is no physical transition involved, nor will you experience somnambulism (though exceptions exist). Rather, our focus is on exploring the depths of your mind, allowing your Higher Self to guide us to the necessary revelations and insights.

7. You may experience doubts from your conscious mind during hypnosis, such as thinking "This isn't real" or "I'm still awake." However, it's important to ignore these thoughts and focus on the unfolding of your mind. Embrace whatever comes up, no matter how silly or strange it may seem. Remember, the conscious mind's purpose is to keep you safe, even if it means preventing you from fully experiencing the session. Trust that your higher self will guide the session, revealing what you need to see.

Creating an Intention and Getting Clear on What You Want

Create an Intention

Setting an intention before any session can be helpful in focusing your energy and allowing yourself to open up during the process.

Below are some examples:

“I am open to receiving guidance from my Higher Self”

“I am ready to heal any blocks in my life”.

Get clear on what you want out of the session

Before you begin your session, take some time to think about what you would like to get out of it.

Ask yourself questions such as:

“What do I hope to gain from this experience?”

“What areas of my life could use some healing?”

Having clarity on what you want will help guide your journey during the session. This will help you draft your questions to bring to our session.

Your list of questions (Private Sessions only)

NOTE: This is only for your Second Session

Draft up to 10 questions total for your Higher Self Q&A section. You can group your questions into categories, if you choose.


Physical Health

Relationships (family/significant other)





Wear Comfortable Clothes

During this type of session, you will be asked to lie down and relax so make sure you wear something comfortable that won’t distract you during the process. PS: You will never go wrong with having lots of blankets!

Have an Open Mind

The most important thing when preparing for a session is having an open mind. Be prepared for anything that may come up during our session and simply trust that whatever comes up is meant for your highest good. 

Have a Light Meal

Have something light an hour or two before the start of your session. This is to help you stay energized and focused during our interview without feeling hungry.

However, this is completely "optional." Just remember to avoid coffee on this occasion as it tends to keep your brain active, but if you're craving some caffeine, a cup of decaf is just as satisfying.

Note: If you have dietary requirements from your doctor, please follow them.

Drink Plenty of Water

Days or weeks leading to our session, do drink lots of water. Water is cleansing and it flushes out anything energetically with your intention to be clear of negativity and to only receive all that is positive in your life.

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