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SCHH - FREE SESSIONIn Exchange For a Video Testimonial

** Please keep checking this page if a session slot becomes available **

I want you to know that I'm continuously striving to offer more slots and make them available to those on the waiting list. To stay updated, please keep checking this page throughout November until December 31st in case a slot becomes available. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for your participation in completing my SCHH (also known as Soul Center Healing Hypnosis) certification by providing a video testimonial in exchange for a session.This Free Session promotion is only available from 27 Nov thru 31 Dec 2023.Disclaimer

(About Video Testimonial)

By participating, you agree to provide a video testimonial at the end of our session.

Your participation is voluntary, and you may withdraw your consent at any time without obligation.

The video testimonial will be used for promotional purposes of SCHH and the related services provided by Daisy May Reyes at OverSoul Vibration™.


SCHH is a quantum healing hypnosis that involves spirit releasement and entity attachment removal.This hypnosis session can run for up to 4 hours, or longer (which includes an interview followed by regression hypnosis).


My name Daisy May. I'm a certified QHHT Level 2, Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), Introspective Hypnosis practitioner, energy healer, and inner healing coach.I will l guide through the process of hypnosis using SCHH and help you understand and achieve your desired result.

Results are not always guaranteed due to many factors, but your participation and willingness to heal may bring forth success and transformation.

After our session, I will provide a customized video testimonial revealing your experience which can be shared with others looking for healing within using SCHH.It is my mission to help as many people as I can and help them heal their inner blocks so they can live life to the fullest!

Thank you for considering me. I am excited to work with you! We'll have a wonderful session!

Please feel free to contact me below if you have any questions or would like additional information about my services. I look forward to hearing from you!

www.oversoulvibration.com/contactWAIVER, LIABILITY & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM

Kindly complete this form after you have scheduled your session:

https://www.oversoulvibration.com/quantum-healing-hypnosis-information-formYou will also receive this via email.

Privacy Policy

We promise to protect all personal data shared during the session accordingly.

Please review our Privacy Policy for more information on how we handle personal data.


Although this is a free session, kindly provide at least 48 hours advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule to allow others to take your spot. Thank you so much!

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