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Return To Your Divine Self

We are all born with an inner divine light that guides us through our life. It is time to remember our highest selves and reconnect to the energy of the Oversoul. Reclaim your power and raise the vibration within yourself. Start now by returning to your Divine Self and discover the joy of living in tune with your Oversoul Vibration™! 


If you're seeking to heal your soul, heal your inner child, explore past lives, clear old traumas and wounds, understand and overcome physical and emotional struggles, strengthen your spiritual connections, or break free from limitations that hold you back, then, OverSoul Vibration™ is for you.

Whether you're an experienced spiritual journeyer or just starting out, if you're committed to personal growth, enhancing self-confidence, and desiring to live a healthier lifestyle, this program will guide you towards achieving these goals.

Dive deep into learning about your soul's journey and let us assist you in cleansing your aura to maintain a positive energy field. Unlock your potential and start living your life to the fullest with our Energy Healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, and Inner Healing Coaching program.


🔸Experience soul healing by reconnecting with your inner self, fostering a profound sense of peace and self-awareness.

🔸Understand past lives and soul contracts, and heal any lingering issues affecting your current life.

🔸Understand the deeper reasons behind physical injuries and struggles, and starting your physical and emotional healing process.

🔸Receive guidance on your healing journey, navigating through trauma and old wounds, opening yourself up for deeper healing.

🔸Connect with your higher self, learning how to best navigate life's lessons, leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

🔸Strengthen your spiritual connection, facilitating a bond with your spirit guides through energy healing and quantum healing hypnosis sessions.

🔸Engage in self-exploration and authenticity, in a safe and supportive environment where you can heal and uncover your authentic core.

🔸Understand your soul's journey, delving deep into your soul's messages, especially concerning past lives, leading to profound insights and personal growth.

🔸Overcome obstacles, breaking free from progress barriers and discovering who you truly are.

🔸Develop health consciousness, breaking free from unhealthy habits and being guided towards a healthier lifestyle.

🔸Create meaningful relationship connections, dwelling in the power of communication and understanding to nurture healthy relationships.

🔸Achieve success, setting goals and actively manifesting more fulfillment and prosperity into your life.

🔸Experience business growth and enhanced self-confidence by eliminating any subconscious blocks regarding money/abundance.

🔸Live a purposeful life, cultivating an attitude of living with intention and passion that will help you live the life you desire. 

🔸Maintaining a clear and positive energy field, enhancing your overall well-being.


Because after your energy healing and quantum healing sessions . . .

✅ You will transform into a more enlightened, self-aware individual.

✅ You will have healed past wounds, understood your life's purpose, and be in tune with your higher self. Your spiritual connection will be stronger.

✅ You'll have a deeper understanding of your soul's journey.

Your newfound self-exploration and authenticity will allow you to live a life that is true to who you are, free from any obstacles holding you back.

This transformation will also manifest in your physical health, as you develop consciousness towards healthier habits.

Moreover, you will see growth in your business or professional life, boosted by increased self-confidence, and the elimination of subconscious blocks regarding money and abundance.

Finally, by maintaining a clear and positive energy field through aura cleansing, your overall wellbeing will significantly improve. You will feel lighter, more positive, and ready to embrace whatever comes your way.

In essence, entering the OverSoul Vibration™ will lead you to a more fulfilling, purposeful, and balanced life.

Who Do We Serve

Those Looking To Reconnect With Their Soul

Involuntary Childless Women Seeking Peace and Acceptance

Anyone Looking For

Womb Healing

Anyone Seeking To Heal Their Inner Child

Lightworkers & Starseeds On A Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Seekers

Work With Me

Our Services

Energy Healing

◌ Soul Realignment

◌ Sound Vibration Attunement

◌ Chakra Clearing & Rebuild

◌ Aura Cleansing 

◌ Release Negative & Toxic Energies

◌ Learn Self-Healing Methods

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

◌ Quantum Hypnotherapy

◌ Spirit & Entity Releasement 

◌ Learn from Past Lives & Multiple Lives

◌ Understand Soul Contracts 

◌ Access Your Higher Self

Soul & Self Development™

* Coming Soon *

◌ Deep Dive 1:1 Private Coaching

◌ Soul Evolution

◌ Embrace your Soul Journey

◌ Achieve Personal growth

◌ Become healthier, wiser, kinder, & magnetic

Womben Wisdom™

* Coming Soon *

◌ Women empowerment after Miscarriage, Infertility, & Childlessness

◌ Group Coaching Program

◌ Inner Healing Circle

◌ Womben Collective™ - Community

Our 3 Step Process


We evaluate and review your current well-being through self-exploration of the five main dimensions of your life: emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual. We look deep into each dimension and uncover any gaps that may exist in your life and provide you with actionable guidance to bridge those gaps. 

1:1 Session

Through our individualized energy healing and quantum hypnosis sessions, we strive to provide a safe space for that self-exploration and evaluation of the five main dimensions of life, leaving you feeling more empowered with the knowledge and understanding necessary for you to lead a more meaningful life.

Inner Healing Guidance

The next step is diving deep into your soul's journey, honoring your body's sovereignty and the sacredness of your unique experiences. Our offerings, inner healing circles, and community engagements are personalized for providing care towards those who have had to deal with a sense of loss of their womanhood due to pregnancy loss or infertility, as well as those whose womb has been removed for other reasons. 

What Our Clients Say

"Beautiful Soul"

"Daisy took the time to really understand me and what information I was looking for in my session. She made me feel at ease and I was able to smoothly move through a past life and get answers from my subconscious mind. Daisy is a beautiful soul who is truly connected to her higher self and was easily able to connect with mine. She was very compassionate and caring through the whole process. I felt lovingly guided and supported by her. I highly recommend experiencing a session with Daisy!"

Sue Dolloff, FL

"A Purposeful Journey" 

"Daisy is great to work with and I enjoyed my session with her. She is super thorough in her interview and I felt really comfortable with her as soon as we started talking. The hypnosis was very relaxing and I got a lot of answers to my questions I had. I explored who I was and my purpose for coming to Earth."

Liz Wheeler, GA

"Dreams Awakened" 

"I am so grateful to have met Daisy! I loved my session, it has provided me deep understanding of part of me who I always wondered about. I left her office with bright insight to the steps I need to take to accomplish my dreams! Daisy was so patient & kind through out each stage of the session. I highly recommend her service. Thank you Daisy, I will never forget the experience!"

Lisette G, FL

    Work With Me