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Video Testimonial Submission

From our December 2023 Energy Healing & Hypnosis Session Video Exchange Project

  • To make it simple and easy, here are some questions that will assist you in creating your video testimonial for submission:

  • What were your biggest breakthrough from our energy healing and hypnosis session with me in December 2023?

  • What where your biggest accomplishments or takeaway from our 1:1 session?

  • How was the experience?

  • What were you feeling/experiencing before the session?

  • What did you notice after the session -- days, weeks, or up to now?

  • How did our session help you move through life in any way?

  • What tangible results did you gain? (i.e., doing more, becoming more productive, taking charge of finances more, etc.)?

  • What intangible results did you gain (i.e., mindset shift, gained more confidence, felt more joy, achieved more clarity/focus, accessed your gifts, etc.)

  • What would you tell someone who is on the fence about working with me?

  • Would you recommend my service to others?

  • Thank you so much!

    With Love, Daisy May 💖 

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