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Do you often find yourself struggling with emotional issues that cause anxiety, depression, and other feelings of distress?

Do you experience blockages that hinder your creativity, success, or even financial abundance?

Do you feel stuck in life, not knowing your true potential, unable to make progress towards your goals and dreams?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Can Help

Through Quantum Healing Hypnosis, you will be able to travel back to past lifetimes or other existence, and make peace with the events of those times that might currently still be affecting your life today

By healing from the past or this present life, you can find liberation in the present and free yourself up to live your best life imaginable.

You will learn...

  • You are an eternal being - An infinite Soul having a human experience

  • You have lived many lifetimes before and will live many more multidimensionally

  • You come from the stars, and you are part of something much larger than yourself

Each of these lifetimes has had its share of challenges and emotional pain that can be hard to heal from or move on from.



  • Increase your understanding of yourself and where you are today, and explore the energy of specific situations in a deeper level to gain insight into why certain events occur in your life. 


  • Gain clarity on karmic relationships, emotional patterns, and physical ailments, and learn to find forgiveness, healing, and reclaim lost soul fragments from past lives. 


  • Uncover past life traumas, emotional patterns, and blockages that can be healed in this lifetime, and be finally open up to the abundance of love, joy, and peace that is always available to everyone. 


  • Connect with spiritual guides and teachers to bring you clarity and healing; and gain clarity on goals, purpose, and life choices that will bring you spiritual growth and success.


  • Reconnect with your higher self and access intuition to make more informed decisions for your highest good; and discover the true nature of your soul and experience a profound sense of inner peace, love, and freedom. 


  • Create meaningful relationships with those around you and nurture them with kindness and empathy, and learn how to have more compassion for all beings, for we are all connected in the circle of life. 

How Does It Work

We begin each session by removing any blockages in your energetic field. These could be trauma, negative energies, entities, and technological implants in the physical and energy bodies.

The next step is to balance and align your chakras as well as other energy systems in order to open up more areas where healing can occur.

Then a journey through one or multiple past lives or other realms may be taken if it is needed to make sense of the present life situation.

Lastly, connecting to your Higher Self allows you to ask deeper questions life overall; because this part of yourself has access to knowledge beyond what we are aware of.

Energy Clearing &  Entity Release

We locate all the low-vibrational energies and remove them from your energetic body, allowing more light from Source to flow through you

Rebuild & Protect Your Energetic Body

Once cleared, we take the next steps of rebuilding and protecting your whole multidimensional self--physical, emotional, mental, and etheric

Journey Through Lifetimes

You'll learn about past lives and how your current experiences may have been connected to many lifetimes you've lived. Not all past lives will be visited due to extra healing and clearing work needed first

Connect With Your Higher Self & Guides

Your Higher Self is the highest aspect of your consciousness connected directly to your Soul. When we access your Higher Self, you'll be able to access all that you need to know from your session

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

OverSoul Vibration™ Quantum Healing Hypnosis combines the power of meditation, hypnosis, and deep energy work to create a personal high-vibrational frequency that taps into the individual's highest versions of themselves.

By connecting with the person's quantum field and utilizing intention, it works to unblock physical, emotional, and spiritual energy blockages.

With this method of healing, clients are able to connect with their Higher Self for guidance—allowing them to look back in time to past lives or present memories to gain insight and wisdom about releasing negativity and any self-limiting beliefs they may have.

Through this tailored approach, individuals can move towards a state of inner healing.

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Quantum Hypnosis

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Quantum Hypnosis

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Select the Package that Best Suits You

1-Session Package

This one package involves Energy Clearing and Spirit Releasement --- two powerful healing modalities that help release emotional, physical or spiritual blocks that can be present in our lives. All of us have experienced trauma at some point in our lives, and sometimes we can find ourselves feeling stuck and unable to move forward.

Energy clearing and spirit releasement provide a safe container to process these issues and gently release them so they don't linger or affect our day-to-day life.

Through energy clearing, we can identify the root causes of blocked energy and use different techniques such as releasing cords of attachment, calling back lost parts of ourselves, balancing chakras, or removing any energetic entities that may be lingering.

Spirit releasement is similarly beneficial in helping us let go of any spirits or entities that have become attached to us through the course of our lives. By cutting cords with these energies, we can reclaim our power and move forward into a more balanced state of being.

This session is a prerequisite to Quantum Travel to past lives and dialog with your Higher Self or Guides.


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2-Session Package (Recommended)

Our 2-session package is the perfect way to get the most out of your Quantum Healing Hypnosis session.

The first session, we'll do a deep Energy Clearing & Spirit Releasement to make sure you start your journey with a clean slate. It is designed with focus on the healing and expansion of your energy field. This session is a prerequisite to  past life regression and Higher Self connection ($444 value).

The second session is Quantum Travel designed to connect you with your Higher Self and spiritual guides. Through this session, we explore past life experiences to gain insight into the direction of your current soul journey. We identify patterns and lessons that may be influencing you in ways that you may not have been aware of before, as well as steps you can take to move towards transformation, healing and growth. This experience gives you an opportunity to align with your true path ($444 value).

Each session runs for 4 hours and is scheduled separately. Come with an open heart and mind, ready to experience profound healing and transformation. We offer a special rate of $777 when you purchase both sessions together. ($111 OFF)


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3-Session Package

Our 3-session package includes everything from our two-session package and adds an extra Quantum Travel session to delve further into the past or travel to multidimensional realms, or directly connect to your Higher Self and Divine Guides.

With three powerful sessions, this package offers a deeper exploration of the subconscious mind and a greater understanding of how previous experiences are influencing your present life.

Book our 3-session package today ($111 OFF) and you'll get an additional 45-minute bonus session to quickly and intuitively connect with your Higher Self as a bonus gift (a $111 value).

4 Sessions total!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to dive deeper into your subconscious and unlock the power of your heart and mind! 


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Healing traumas and discovering purpose

"I had an absolutely beautiful experience with Daisy. She made me feel safe and comfortable from the start. The session was beyond my expectations. I was able to heal deep seeded traumas, abuse and so much more. I learned my souls gifts and purpose also. I loved the energy used and the healing is incredible. Daisy is very professional at all times and so compassionate. I'd highly recommend her services!"

Cheryl R

I'm Ready For Healing & Transformation

I'm expanding my awareness so that I can create a life that that will allow me to live a life full of joy, purpose, and creativity, and reflects my higher self.

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