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Are you a woman who have endured an unfulfilled desires of motherhood, pregnancy loss, stillbirth, infertility, ,

or even womb loss?

Have you lost your zest for life despite the height of your career, success, or influence?

Have you also lost harmony in all your relationships, especially with yourself?

Does this deep sense of emptiness feel like it is sucking every bit of your lifeforce like a vacuum

. . . leading to a heart-wrenching painful grieving journey filled with feelings of isolation, betrayal, and resentment?


Have you ever experienced the profound sense of isolation where nobody, not even your friends, family, or partners, can truly comprehend your situation, leaving you yearning for acknowledgement and validation?



Have you ever felt a profound ache, wishing for the change to go through the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and the opportunity to nurture and provide for your own child, but it felt as if motherhood was stolen from you?


Do you question why you are unable to conceive or carry a child when others seem to do so effortlessly? Do you carry bitterness toward your body and everyone else around you, especially mothers with child?


    Do these women challenges keep you struggling with vulnerability and heartache of infertility, pregnancy loss, or loss of womb?

    Do they make you feel even more frustrated and fearful, as if you're invisible and forgotten, despite others achievements in life?

    Feeling as if your grief is dismissed, making you feel invalidated despite your attempt stay strong? 

No matter how much effort you've put in or the numerous resources and methods you've tried to overcome your women challenges, the mental and emotional exhaustion keeps building up.

No matter how much effort you've put in or the numerous resources and methods you've tried to overcome your women challenges, the mental and emotional exhaustion keeps building up.


Your Soul Has Been Speaking To You To Heal

They want you to heal within

By healing within, not only are you making space for your Soul to finally radiate healing, you are making a sacred space for honoring yourself.

They want to connect with you

By learning to give yourself grace and compassion everyday, forgiving your own body for not being able to carry your child, and reinventing yourself from trying to be a mom, you will find that inner healing is within reach and deeper soul connection is made.

I'm Ready For Inner Healing


    Step 1. Gain Self-Awareness

    Recognizing and acknowledging your story is the initial stride towards inward healing.

    Step 2. Initiate Soul Connection

    Through your soul connection, you'll be able to fully realize your true identity and gracefully honor the souls of your unborn without guilt or blame.

    Step 3. Embody your Power

    By embracing your soul, you can fully access and channel your own power to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

    Step 4. Start Amplifying Your Soul

    Become an ever-pouring Love and Grace -- a full expression of your Soul.  No more living in survival!

Get Immersed In Your Own Healing

Enter Our 12-Week Graceful Living Coaching Program

Inside our 12-week program, you'll discover how to move through the cycles of your women challenges with grace and resilience, access your Soul and womb wisdom, and learn about the profound spiritual relationship and soul connection between you and your divine feminine spirit.


  • Women who are ready to move through the grief and lost fulfillment of motherhood

  • Those who are looking for closure about the mysteries of recurrent miscarriages

  • Those who may or have never experienced the joys of raising a child & passing onto their legacy 

  • Women who want to understand the spiritual connection between their baby & pregnancy loss

  • Those who want answers about their growing infertility problems

  • Those who want to heal after their circumstance and reconnect with themselves


  • Those who do not consider other alternative methods of gaining deeper understanding about their circumstance

  • Someone who is not open to communicating with the souls of their babies in the afterlife

  • Someone who is not interested in seeking spiritual healing outside traditional therapies or medical means

Daisy May Reyes, CCht, NPLP, TT, is an energy intuitive, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, TIME Technique Practitioner, and Success and Life Coach,  who is highly specialized in past life regression, energy healing and clearing, deep breakthroughs, and soul baby communication.

Daisy May is the founder of OverSoul Vibration™ and has dedicated herself to serving women, families, and the community at large, helping them rediscover their joy, reignite their passions, and pursue their dreams.

About Your Inner Healing Coach and Mentor

Daisy May Reyes is a retired military veteran and a gifted energy intuitive who unlocked her abilities while navigating through her own challenging pregnancy loss path. Through the heartache of experiencing two early miscarriages at the end of her military career, she found solace in connecting with her unborn children during a past life regression. This profound encounter propelled her to recognize her true calling -- to support and guide women who are struggling with infertility, pregnancy loss, child loss, and loss of womb.

What sets Daisy May apart is her unique blend of energy healing and clearing methodologies, and her hypnotherapy and regression techniques, called the OverSoul Vibration™ which she employs to help each person find their true selves and embrace a fulfilling life beyond their women challenges of their loss.

Watch Happy Client Testimonials here.

What Can I Help You With?

Have A Space for Healing

"I'm in need of a space for healing right now, one that can provide me emotional and spiritual solace and support after experiencing a tragic loss in my life."

Honor Both My Soul and Myself

"I need to remind myself that taking time and space to focus on my well-being is essential because I deserve an utmost personal care and attention."

Acknowledge Childlessness

"I need to learn how to acknowledge childlessness after any circumstance and find ways to cope with this new reality. I'm feeling so lost, but I know that talking to others who can relate can help."

Face My Struggles Gracefully

"I need to find strength from within to face my struggles and overcome them. I want to rise with grace and strength."

Honor My Unborn or Stillbirth Babies

"I want to love my baby by continuing to live life in a way that honors them and cherishes their memory, even though I never got the chance to know them."

Live the Best I Can

"I want to take the time to learn how to live my best life despite miscarriage, infertility, or loss of my womb. I'm determined to get the support I need."

Book A 40-min Complimentary Call

Discover the Benefits of GraceFul Living

Through this unique program, you will experience profound soul connections with your unborn children and your Soul, fully reawakening your joy, passion, and dreams.

Overcome Isolation

Break free from the sense of isolation that often accompanies pregnancy loss, infertility, or loss of womb. Connect with a community that understands and validates your experiences.

Find Support

Receive the acknowledgement and validation you crave as you navigate infertility, pregnancy loss, or loss of womb. Surround yourself with a supportive network that truly understands your pain.

Break The Cycle

Let go of the mental exhaustion and frustration that comes with unsuccessful attempts to overcome infertility. Discover new resources and methods to support your healing journey.

Discover Inner Healing

Create space for your soul to radiate healing, allowing you to find closure and honor both yourself and your unborn. Embrace self-compassion and forgiveness.

Heal The Betrayal

Release the bitterness and resentment towards your body and others who seem to effortlessly conceive. Find solace in knowing that you are not alone in your struggles.

Embrace Wombanhood

Address the profound ache that comes with the feeling of missing out on the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. Rediscover a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Gain Self-Awareness

Begin your inward healing by recognizing and acknowledging your unique story. This self-awareness is the first step towards transformation.

Initiate Soul Connection

Develop a deep soul connection that allows you to fully realize your true identity and gracefully honor your unborn without guilt or blame.

Embody Your Power

Tap into your inner strength and channel your own power to heal your mind, body, and spirit. Embrace your soul's wisdom and potential for growth and abundance manifestation.

Amplify Your Soul

Become an ever-pouring source of love and grace, expressing your soul's true essence. Share your healing journey with others and inspire them along the way.

Your Time is Now!

Are you ready to fully regain control over you life?

It's time to stop being pulled into the cycles of constant living in survival and start thriving in your own way!

  • You have waited for far too long to heal from the havocs of your loss trauma

  • You have done other methods that only brought more disappointments

  • Isn't it time to listen to your Soul and the Souls of your unborn that has always wanted you to heal?

  • Isn't it time to embody the True Essence of your nurturing Soul to gracefully lead you to your freedom from the burdens of infertility?

Your time is now to receive the inner wisdom of your Soul and your womb, to tap into your innate maternal self, and to honor the souls of your unborn children. Regain control over your life again with a new sense of self-renewal and resilience to gracefully move through your infertility and pregnancy loss experiences with greater understanding and wisdom.



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