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Are you feeling lost, battling this silent grief alone?

Are you tired of feeling sad and defeated? Unseen and invalidated?

Are you tired of anger and bitterness rule over your life, relationship, and even your career?

Are you done feeling left behind with so many unanswered

questions and want closure about your baby loss?

You Are Not Alone

Welcome to Womben Collective™

Community For Post-Miscarriage Women

FREE monthly meditation & LIVE Q&A for embracing and honoring your story

Workshops, special events, speaking opportunities, bonus resources, and more

A supportive empowering group for women from different walks of life

Watch A Sample LIVE Discussion

Daisy May Reyes, CCHt, PNLP, TT

Decluttering for the Soul: Making Space for a Good Life 

Join us LIVE as we discuss the essentials of cutting out what holds us back to make room for peace, & growth. Share your experiences with us & discover practical ways to declutter your mind & heart.


1:00 Starting topic about "What Would You Like To Get Rid Of To Have A Good Life?"

6:35 Practical strategies that Daisy May used after the painful miscarriages 

8:45 Simple and quick exercise for relieving some current emotional pain

15:36 Feeling Lighter now

20:08 Whatever you make room for in your life defines not only your environment but also your mental space

Here's Why You Will Love This Private Online Community

Help you move through the stages of your soul healing journey

Immerse yourself in a tranquil space where you can embrace your journey, finding peace, acceptance, and healing, and create rituals that will guide you toward joy, helping you find new ways to celebrate and cherish new life's moments.

Make a soul connection

Engage in daily practices that encourage self-reflection, allowing you to navigate your emotions and grief with grace, and discovering effective methods to release emotional burdens, freeing yourself from the weights of guilt, betrayal, and bitterness, reconnecting you back to your Soul and the soul of your angel babies.

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Here's What You'll Find Inside Our Free Private Community

  • A sacred space where you can share your experiences, fears, and triumphs

  • A community that fosters a sense of belonging, ensuring that you never feel alone on your grief journey

  • Exclusive member pricing for future workshops, and 1:1 coaching and breakthrough sessions

  • Free Monthly Meditation and Tracker

  • Learn about reconnecting back to yourself and heightening your Soul connections

  • An Uplifting and supportive network of empowered women redefining motherhood

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Meet Daisy May Reyes: An Intuitive Guide on the Journey of Healing

Daisy May is a Soul Healing Guide and Angel Baby Messenger at OverSoul Vibration™ who has discovered her gifts in the wake of her own painful journey, drawing strength from her two early miscarriages and reconnecting with her Soul and also the souls of her angel babies.

She then learned to stop living in survival mode and start living with more grace.

After this profound experience, she realized her true purpose--to create a safe space for women who had experienced deep loss to reconnect with themselves again and their loved ones, and help them awaken their joy, passions, and dreams!

Daisy May's healing approach and principles are unique, and she helps every single one rediscover themselves and embrace life beyond the title of motherhood.

If you are tired of living in the dark and no longer wanting to feel bitter, angry, lonely; or express all unhealthy emotions, that could destroy relationships with self and others...

Then here is your chance to uplift your overall health and well-being by joining our free community with Daisy May, who is an expert in this field of energy healing and mind-body-soul transformation, creating mindful boundaries, guided meditation, and speaking to the other parts of you that wants inner peace and reconnection with your Soul and the loved ones and angel babies in the afterlife.

Daisy May Reyes, CCHt, PNLP, TT

Intuitive Hypnotherapist For Post-Miscarriage Women

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Are you ready to embrace your journey with courage and grace to discover the strength within you?

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