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Hi, I'm Daisy May

Your Soul Healing Guide and Angel Baby Messenger

I've helped so many people living in survival mode overcome the pain and adversities in their life to . . .

  • Heal their Sacred Body

  • Embrace their Soul, and

  • Cultivate Love & Grace for themselves

My one and only goal is to help you find fulfillment and Soul purpose, and to guide you turn these tough journeys toward self- renewal and grace through holistic methods and vibrational energy healing.

Hear About Our Happy Clients

Daisy May Reyes, CCHt, NLPP, TT

Founder, OverSoul Vibration™ 

Just like many you, the nagging pain and grief were hidden.

During my military career, I experienced multiple miscarriages that left me broken inside.

This profound loss drained my hope, joy, and zest for life.

Despite my pain, as a military leader, I stayed strong, facing my struggles alone.

As I transitioned from a secure military career to an uncertain civilian life, I was simultaneously grappling with:

❌️ A difficult divorce due to my inability to carry our child

❌️ The devastation of countless failed fertility treatments

❌️ The haunting thoughts of childlessness that made me feel betrayed as a prospective mother.

In the midst of all these struggles, I did not allow myself to grieve.

It took nearly two years for the suppressed grief to catch up with me, breaking me down but also revealing the devastating effects of unprocessed pain.

I Found Inner Healing

Through my journey,

I found a way to

embrace my circumstance

of not having children and

learned to heal myself.

I realized one thing:

Infertility does not define me

and never will, nor does

the societal expectations

of motherhood,

because I learned that

Our womb is sacred.

Our body is sacred.

Now I'm here to help you

do the same -

with compassion,

understanding and

respect for your story.

I truly understand your pain and the societal pressure you're under

I know that hiding your pain and soldiering on isn't working.


I believe in transforming trauma pain into power, renewal, and grace. 

And I want to help you move towards self-renewal, resilience, and revitalized joy in life, unconfined by infertility.

It's OK not to be OK

This journey might involve grief and mourning for the children you dreamed of but never had. 

It might involve anger and frustration at your body for betraying your desires of motherhood.

I AM Ready For Inner Healing

My Mission

My mission here today is to guide you on a journey of embracing inner healing after experiencing pregnancy loss and infertility.

Through the stages of grief, anger, and frustration, my aim is to help you move forward with grace, strength, and resilience toward a place of healing, acceptance, and eventually, peace.

I keep things simple.

  • We'll sit down and talk about what you need.

  • Then we'll make a special space for our time together.

  • In this sacred space, we'll talk kindly to the grieving parts of you that are angry, upset, and frustrated, and bring in lots of love.

You Are My Focus

Our time together is sacred, and I respect you, your soul, and the soul of your unborn.

I Support You

I see you. I feel you. I had been in your childless journey. And we will walk this path to healing together.

Acknowledgement & Validation

Your feelings are real. Your experiences are real. In this sacred space, you and your soul are heard.

Inner Healing

You'll gain the ability to create your own sacred space where you reinvent yourself in honor of your unborn, thus your Sacred Soul is reborn.

Our unique story is a journey toward healing from within

I realized that embracing life after pregnancy loss or infertility or years of trauma and betrayal isn't about giving up or surrendering when the body says no. 

It's simply about acknowledging, healing, and finding peace from within. 

It's about recognizing ME!

I realized that I AM enough. 

And so are you!

You are complete in yourself, a beautiful Soul.

I AM Ready To Heal

Soul Healing

I believe in the interconnectedness of emotional well-being and physical health.

I provide a holistic approach and use energy healing techniques to help you transform your life after trauma and loss.

I am committed to creating a safe, empathetic space where you can express your fears, feelings, and aspirations. 

If you're like me who have faced many challenges, I invite you to connect with me. 

Your sacred body is waiting to be set free so your Soul may finally express Itself.

Let's transform your obstacles into stepping stones towards a more vibrant, miraculous, and joyful life. 

You are not alone on this journey anymore.

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