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Your Sanctuary Beyond Loss

Where we understand the pain and grief that comes with the loss of a child, whether it was in the early stages of pregnancy or later on. We recognize that the bond between mother and child begins at conception and continues even after death. This connection goes beyond the physical realm and into the spiritual one.

Reconnect. Heal. Thrive.

For many of us, womanhood is a tapestry of experiences, some woven from joy and others from heartache.

If you've encountered the soul-deep loss of an unborn child or traversed the daunting path of infertility, you understand the unique pain and isolation these experiences can cast upon the heart.

But from this unity in loss, there emerges an unexpected strength and wisdom.

If You Are A Woman Who Have Faced Pregnancy Loss Or Infertility Who Are Wanting To Embrace Healing And Reconnection With Your Inner Soul And Unborn Child...

You are in the Perfect place!

The Spirit Baby Connection healing program is an intentionally sacred healing space for all bereaved mothers, with or without child, who deemed could not get pregnant and are ready to move forward with a sense of empowerment, purpose, and healing. This sanctuary is built on the belief that all women have a powerful maternal spirit within them, regardless of whether they have physically birthed a child.

In this program, you are making a sacred space for honoring your soul and the souls of your unborn children who have spent a precious time with you throughout your life, even before you made a decision to become a mother.

Embracing Your Soul Journey

Every woman's healing path is as unique as the complexities of her soul.

This healing program is more than a sanctuary; it's a heart-crafted invitation to reflect, to heal, and to honor the story of your own experience.

We specialize in guiding women who have faced pregnancy loss or infertility, coaching them to a place of reconnection with their inner soul and the souls of their unborn children.

Together, we journey toward a sense of peace and self-awareness that transcends the pain.

The Call To Your Inner Wisdom

Inside the Spirit Baby Connection healing program, our mission is to help women connect with their unseen but deeply felt, the soul, the voice that navigates emotions and beckons for acknowledgment and comfort. We provide a space to cultivate this connection through one-on-one coaching sessions, live workshops, and immersive group experiences. Our methods, rooted in mindfulness and the unshakable bonding of a mother's love, guide you to explore and embrace your inner wisdom and the whispers of your spirit babies.

Join The Voices Of Healing

Our unique approach to healing centers around the powerful belief that within every woman is the resilience to transmute pain into growth. Aided by a supportive community of like-minded souls, you'll find stories that warm your heart and encourage your spirit, testimonies that affirm your journey, and a space where your unique voice is heard and respected. Your story, your loss, your love, and your hopes are the threads that bind our community.


Take the First Step Toward Wholeness

Download Our Free Guide

Are you ready to honor your story and embrace your healing journey with you Spirit Babies? Download our free Spirit Baby Connection Guide. Here you'll learn the simple  4-step process of connecting with your spirit babies and understand that the connection between a mother and her unborn children transcends all physical limitations. With this guide, you'll have the tools and knowledge to form a deep bond with your spirit babies and find peace in your journey towards motherhood. Download now and begin your journey towards healing and connection.


Join The Womben Collective

The Womben Collective is a supportive community where bereaved women, with or without children, come together to navigate the shared experience of losing an unborn baby. This group provides a safe space for women who are seeking connection with their unborn child and looking for healing. Members find solace in sharing their stories, connecting with others who understand their pain, and finding a sense of solidarity in their journey towards healing and acceptance. Join us at The Womben Collective and discover a community that understands and supports you through your grief and healing process.


Spirit Baby Connection

Take the next steps now toward a comprehensive healing. Consider a bespoke 9-Week Spirit Baby Connection 1:1 Healing Program. Inside the program, you will have the opportunity to explore any blocks or barriers that may be preventing you from fully connecting with your Soul and spirit babies and what's blocking you from manifesting all your dreams, desires, and fulfillment. You'll also gain insight into the spiritual meaning behind miscarriage and stillbirth, even infertility, and how you can use this experience to grow as a soul, opening yourself up to more love, abundance, and fulfillment. 


Hello Beautiful Souls,

My name is Daisy May Reyes, and I'm your Soul Connection Coach and Spirit Baby Guide.

As a woman without children who experience two early miscarriages, I was compelled to establish Spirit Baby Connection™ with the aim of assisting bereaved mothers who yearn for their baby they never met or got a chance to raise.

My mission is to facilitate a reconnection with their inner Soul, enabling them to also reconnect with their unborn children who have longed for this connection.

When this deep connection is made, it can never be severed, and what comes after is a rekindled bond with pure healing and the reawakening of your joy, passions, and true wisdom from within. 

My mission here at OverSoul Vibration™ is to meet you where you are and offer not just a shoulder to lean on, but a loving embrace to walk with you through the path of healing. And I’m so deeply honored to support your personal healing journey in any way I can.



The journey to reconnection and healing begins with a single step.

It's okay to feel great worry or fear, to carry the weight of uncertainty in your heart, and to move at your own pace.

We honor your story, and in its honor, we invite you to create a healing path that is uniquely and profoundly your own.

Welcome to Spirit Baby Connection healing program— where your sacred space awaits.




OverSoul Vibration, Womben Wisdom Coaching

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