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Past Life Regression

Group Workshop

Are you curious about past live?

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Do you ever wonder how your past lives may have shaped your present existence?

Join our Past Life Regression

LIVE Online Group Workshop 

  • Explore Past Lives

  •  Tap into the depths of your subconscious mind and uncover memories and experiences from previous lifetimes. Gain insights into unresolved issues and patterns that may be affecting your current life.

  • Gain Clarity

  • By gaining a clearer understanding of your past lives, you will gain insight into your current relationships, talents, and challenges. This newfound clarity can empower you to make positive changes in your present life.

  • Connect with Like-minded Soul Journeyers: 

  •  Join a group of individuals who share your curiosity and desire for personal growth. Engage in meaningful discussions and bond with others who are also on their spiritual journey.

    A Safe Space For Self-Exploration

    This 2-HOUR LIVE workshop is a safe space for individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs. Our goal is to facilitate healing and growth by providing tools and techniques for self-discovery and understanding.

    Whether you are just starting your spiritual journey or have been on it for a while, this workshop will offer valuable insights and guidance.

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    Beautiful Realizations on Being In Flow

    "Oh Daisy, there are so many other wonderful God winks I have witnessed throughout the week, I just can't remember them all! Words cannot express the magnitude of gratitude I have for our time spent together."


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