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Angel Baby Hypnosis™

Reuniting Mother and Child in the Afterlife

Angel Baby Hypnosis™ is a unique and compassionate one-session program designed to support mothers who have experienced baby or pregnancy loss. This 2-hour program combines a personalized hypnosis session, energy healing, and spiritual connection to guide you on a journey of profound healing, peace, and communication with your angel babies, helping you gain clarity and acceptance, so you may embrace life with more love and resilience.

This is best accompanied with our 6-week coaching program, Angel Baby Healing, for full mind-body-soul somatic integration and soul transformation. Message me to learn more or to apply.

A deposit of $97 is required to secure your spot. Payment plan arrangement is available.

Online $333

Quantum Hypnosis

Discovering & Unveiling Your Soul 

Have you ever wondered about your unconscious habits and patterns and how they could be impacting your present life?

With Quantum Hypnosis, you may uncover deeply rooted unconscious connections between your past lives and current relationships, helping you understand patterns and dynamics that may be holding you back.

You can explore the memories and experiences from your previous incarnations or present circumstances to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and certain life events, and unlock powerful benefits and wisdom.

Our Quantum Hypnosis is a 2-Day personalized breakthrough session (minimum 1 week apart)

Day 1: Deep Soul Healing & Energy Clearing (3-hours)
Assisting you with deep clearing, cleansing, and healing from unresolved trauma and releasing any trapped unhealthy emotions in your energetic body and Soul being. (Doesn't include regression or Higher Self dialogue.)

Day 2: Past Life Regression & Higher Self Connection (2-hours)
Guiding you in connecting deeply with your Higher Self and spiritual guidance, giving you clarity and direction in your life after reviewing past lives, parallel lives, or multidimensional realities.

Our Quantum Hypnosis sessions are highly potent and can help you uncover important learnings and insights that may be relevant to your current struggles and circumstances, as well as provide closure for any unfinished business from previous lifetimes or this present life now, so you can fully embrace your True Authentic Self that is revealed to you.

This is best accompanied with our 6-week coaching programs, Soul Healing Program or Angel Baby Healing, for full mind-body-soul somatic integration and soul transformation. Message me to learn more or to apply.

A deposit of $111 is required to secure your spot.

Please note that the online package does not include Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). QHHT is only available upon request for in-person session with advanced arrangements.

Soul Healing (6-Weeks)

Awaken Your Joy, Purpose & Dreams

Are you seeking a transformative experience to break free from consistent suffering and step into a graceful life filled with purpose, joy, and abundance?

With our Soul Healing coaching and breakthrough program, bid farewell to old cycles and usher in a new era of fulfillment.

Presented as a 6-week program, Soul Healing is designed to help you shed limiting beliefs and let go of negative emotions surrounding success, relationships, finances, self-worth, and self-expression, thus unlocking your complete potential. This transformative experience encompasses individualized coaching, energy healing practices and guidance, personalized assessments, and an in-depth exploration of your soul transformation.

Prepare to evolve into a version of yourself that thrives in abundance and lives with a clear sense of purpose.

Payment plan is available upon request.


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Angel Baby Healing (6-Weeks)

Reconnect, Heal, and Thrive with your Angels

When we lost our baby due to pregnancy loss, miscarriage, stillbirth, or infertility, we also lost an aspect of ourselves. It leaves behind a deep void of longing in our hearts that can never be filled, and a sense of emptiness that seems to linger. 

But what many people don't realize is that there is more than just physical loss when we lose a baby. We also lose the hopes, dreams, and expectations for the future that we had for our little one. This can leave us feeling adrift and disconnected from our sense of self. 

That's where Angel Baby Healing coaching and breakthrough program comes in. Through this powerful and transformative program, you will be guided to reconnect with yourself and also your baby on a spiritual level, guiding you on a path of complete transformation--emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually--allowing you to heal, reach closure, and find peace in the midst of your loss through love and forgivness.

This program includes Quantum Hypnosis and Angel Baby Hypnosis.

Payment plan is available upon request.


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Angel Baby Healing Beyond Loss

Healing in Community

Angel Baby Healing Beyond Loss is a community providing a safe, nurturing space for women who have experienced significant losses in their lives.

This can include difficult experiences such as miscarriages, birth loss, stillbirth, unfulfilled dreams of motherhood, infertility, loss of womb, preemie death, sudden infant death (SID) / sudden unexpected infant death (SUID), or anything related to a loss of children, baby, or pregnancy.

Our free community aims to provide you support, healing, and connection as you navigate through grief and journey towards acceptance and growth whilst seeking closure and comfort with your angel babies.

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A Listening Ear that Inspires True Healing

Daisy May carries the mark of a genuine healer: 2 ears that deeply listen. After long, edifying conversation‚ she helped me discover a connection that created true, safe release to an issue that had been plaguing me. She was part of my inner process by making a safe place for this to occur. Thank you Daisy May.

Bonnie L

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